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Welcome to ieplanet.in

At ieplanet.in we are driven by a passion for innovation and excellence. We believe that technology can transform lives and businesses and we are dedicated to providing you with the innovation, products and services to stay at the head of the digital age.

About our website ieplanet

ieplanet.in is a professional educational platform. We provide content here just for you that you will enjoy, such as all information. We are dedicated to teaching and educating our faith, and are committed to providing you with the best education possible. We are working to transition our educational activities to a digital platform and we hope you will be stimulated by our educational resources, as we enjoy providing them to you.


My name is Pankaj Kumar and I am currently studying B.tech (it). We also work on platforms like blogs and social media. Of which ieplanet is a part of it. Friends, since childhood, I am interested in knowing about everything about technology, as a result of which today we have started this blog to entertain people and give correct information. Which many people are also liking.

If there is any error in our website or any question regarding it, you can contact us by visiting the Contact Us page. Or you can mail us at help@ieplanet.in. We are ready to assist you with our best efforts.

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Thanks for visiting ieplanet.in. We look forward to going on this technology journey with you and having the opportunity to help you explore the ever-expanding digital world.